Sunday 14 October 2012

The Noise - Think About Tomorrow, Tomorrow 7" Think THK-001, 1981

We saw last week the perils of choosing a popular band name. Unlike the great, the good, and the ska Leftovers, the Innocents from Adelaide didn't even have the decency to tackle a different genre to their namesakes, both falling under the loose umbrella of power pop. So, after one single in 1980 (Identikit Girl / Let's Get Pissed, Distressing Records PRS-2784), a move east necessitated a sensible change of moniker.

Relocating to Sydney as The Noise, the band - Arturo "Arch" Larizza (bass), Richard Daniel (drums), Chris Purcell (guitar), and John Cavuoto (vocals) - would release just this one record in 1981. Think About Tomorrow, Tomorrow is great, moody, expansive pop; a retort - we presume - to hometown heroes the Master's Apprentices. It also belies our lazy comparison to the other Innocents, showcasing a band intent on stretching itself and squeezing the most out of each song - meaning that the arrangement has everything but the kitchen sink. Those who like things more straightforward and upbeat may get more out of Cold Hard Cash, though it will require a tolerance for brass (provided by the excellently named Mourning Horns). Rat Race follows suit, though it's back to the compositional tricks with an extended switch to 3/4 time.

In the following years, The Noise would revert to their former moniker, releasing two further singles as the Innocents ([I Am Not] A Magic Man / Staying At Home 7", Payer Douze FTW666, 1984; and Strange Cults and Customs / After A Fashion 7", Chase SP5, 1985). Larizza went on to join The Saints, but teamed up again with Purcell to release the You Want Everything 12" as the Tall Poppies in 1987.

Think About Tomorrow, Tomorrow [Download]

Cold Hard Cash [Download]

Rat Race [Download]


Holly said...

Nice - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Fanks 4 this.
Andre le (half of the Morning Horns)

Anonymous said...

I lot here I didn't know. Saw them live around the time, thought they should've got a better response, and loved the single (which I still have).

Jeremy Bryce said...

Think About Tomorrow Tomorrow achieved the distinction of being named single of the week in the New Musical Express despite not being available in the UK! It is a masterpiece. Its blend of rich vocal harmonies, raining guitars and big hook songwriting come bursting out of the speakers and straight to the brain.It sits neatly between Revolver by The Beatles and Don't Waste My Time by The Angels.