Sunday 23 April 2017

Wallaby Beat Visits Maximum Rock 'n' Roll Remote Radio

Some cheat notes from our episode of Maximum Rock 'n' Roll Remote Radio - listen here.

Our friends at Maximum Rock 'n' Roll have started a new series under the MRR Radio umbrella called Remote Radio. They're after peeps to cover their local area and we are more than happy to throw our hat in the ring and do a show on the punk side of Wallaby Beat, covering the blog's greatest hits, some stuff we would have covered if life didn't catch up, some stuff from the label, and some recent reissues that we rate. Contact MRR if you want do do a show from your scene.

Stiletto – Nuclear War
Unreleased, Melbourne 1978
Never released on vinyl, Stiletto were one of a number of Melbourne pub rock bands (Jo Jo Zep, Sports) asked to "react" to punk rock for an ABC late night show Rocturnal. Bassist Celeste Howden's (later in Stray Dags) one note open string bass is a highlight but everything from siren to explosion is great. Unfortunately, none of Stiletto's records sound like this. The drummer was later in the Traitors. Singer Jane Clifton was in Prisoner - Cell Block H.

The Rejected – Nuclear War
From First Offence 7", Sydney 1985
We wrote about The Rejected and their early example of Australian d-beat here. All we can add to the story is to revise the scum stats. The pressing size of 300 quoted in our earlier piece seems to have first appeared in a set sale list drafted by Gus Chambers from Rupture in the late-'90s, and has been repeated uncritically ever since (including by us). In fact, there were two distinct pressings, and the total quantity is larger - probably 500 between the two pressings.

British Jets - Another Day In The City
From only 7", Sydney 1980
Read more about the British Jets single here.

Invader - Don’t Blame It On Me
From only 7", Sydney 1981
Albert Studios, Machine Gun Rock. Read more here.

Flying Calvittos - Squeal Like A Pig
From Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks 7", Sydney 1980
Read more here. Take a deep breath, completists - there appear to have been two pressings of this one, too. Also now reissued on Insolito Records from Berlin.

Plastic EP and the Records - So You Want To Make A Record
Unreleased, Melbourne 1981
Our favourite nutcases. Read more here.

The Screaming Abdabs - We Don’t Wanna
From split LP with City Ram Waddy, Sydney 1978/released 2016
Paris Theatre 1978. Read more here.

City Ram Waddy - Walking The Dog
From only 7", Sydney 1979
Read more here.

Ulsers - Julius Sumner Miller
From Forget Them LP, Adelaide 1981-2/released 2014
We released the Remember Them 7” and the Forget Them LP. Read more here.
Buy it here or in Europe here.

Delegates - Never Let It Get Ya Down
From their only 7", Melbourne 1980.

Squadron Leader! - 1,2,3,4
From their only 7", Melbourne 1981/Gold Coast 1984.
Melbourne punk band who moved to the Gold Coast. The good side of their sole 45.

U-Bombs - It’s Automatic
From Live At The Marryatville cassette, Adelaide 1978
Live At The Marryatville was released by Simon Stretton of Black Chrome on his Tomorrow label, and documents 1978 live performances by the U-Bombs, the Dagoes and the Accountants. Both the U-Bombs and the Dagoes subsequently released their own records but by that stage had evolved beyond punk, making Live At The Marryatville an important document of the early Adelaide scene. The U-Bombs set is fantastic, and the Dagoes' formative, full-throated version of their later "hit" This Perfect Band must be heard to be believed. The third band on the comp, The Accountants, is remembered by Adelaide scenesters as one of the best bands of the era to never release a record, and from the evidence on this recording we believe it (heavy on covers though it may be). See the full track listing of the tape here.

Banana Republik - Make Her Yellow
Unreleased, Sydney 1982
Unreleased, unknown, unhinged. Any info on these geezers welcome in the comments.

Editions - Right To Be Famous
From Aggression cassette, Melbourne 1981
The Aggression cassette came on the Greville label from Melbourne. Drummer Fred Negro was in, amongst many others, I Spit on Your Gravy, The Band Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Brady Bunch Lawnmower Massacre. Singer Sherine was in Big Pig.

Babeez - Mainline Honey
From a Buttercup Records 7", Melbourne 1977/released 2015
A track from the Pacific cassette which was sold at gigs in 1977. The whole thing was also released on a Buttercup LP.

The Last Words - I Hate The Sun
From Product 45 7", Sydney 1977/released 2015
Previously unreleased early Last Words track. Copies here. Malcolm Baxter: "I think we hated the sun more than any political party at that time!"

Public Execution - T.V. Suffragette
From Short Fuse/La Vida Es Un Mus LP, Brisbane 1983
Originally released on a split cassette with Kicks in 1983.

Death Of A Nun - It’s Your Fault
From Swashbuckling Hobo 7", Brisbane 1984/released 2017
Prev unreleased Brisbane punk, named after a 1975 Belgian film. Great guitar solo from Mark Birkys (Hard-ons and Subsonic Barflies). Also featured Mickey Scott and Peter Thompson from the Lompoc County Splatterheads, and Peter Green from the Barflies.

Cheap Nasties - Johnny Is A Heartbreaker
From the Numero Group 7"/cassette, Perth 1977/released 2016
Kim Salmon and members of the Manikins. A really great 7" that came with the recent Scientists 2xLP rerereissue.

The Victims - Elvis Is Dead
From the Culture Shock LP, Perth 1978/released 2014
Recorded live at Hernando's Hideaway in Perth, Australia on 5th of Jan 1978.

The Orphans – Bored
From the Exposed double CD-R, Perth 1978/released 2005
Ross Buncle's band. More info than you can comprehend here.

Arthur Dunstan (a.k.a. Ric Melbourne) - Sea Plane Poo Wong
From The Ric Melbourne Crazy Album LP, Melbourne 1978?
We have no words.