Sunday 2 September 2012

The So+So's - Can't Say Love 7" Beta Beat Records ß003/13346, 1982

Like many Festival Records pic sleeves of the era, The So+So's announce their one and only single as a "Limited Edition". Sure, but not as limited as the band's cassette releases, which we've never so much as laid eyes on. If you're holding, drop us a line. We're not exactly sure where to place this one - it's mildly punky in the verses, a bit powerpoppy in the chorus, and kinda mod-ish in the overall aesthetic (Rickenbackers, a Modern Sounds Now motto and a curious backwards endorsement for Pete Townshend). It's also decidedly EP's-like in its disregard for the rules of punctuation. Whatever, we're suckers for a strong, driving and melodic chorus so let's just go with powerpop. Pretty good, though it does suffer from the too clean/too loud drum sound that infects most of Basilisk Studio's post-1980 output. The flipside is downtempo and moody, and altogether undistinguished.

Can't Say Love [Download]

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meanie said...

I have only just discovered this site and wondered whether you could provide new links to some of your downloads please? Looking for The Sets, so+so's, The Fiction + others.