Sunday 26 August 2012

The Tenants - Don't Blame Me / $porting Life 7" Tenants TS-001, 1979

Here's a low-key, understated single by The Tenants, billing themselves as a "Sydney Pop/New Wave/Punk/Rock band." If anything lets this down it's the lack of a decent chorus, but the verses carry it. Every few years a band member lists a copy on the auction machine and we don't have too much to add to his short band history.
The band started in a terrace house in a block known as the Baker's Dozen [the row of former Tilly Devine brothels down near William Street] in Palmer Street, Darlinghurst, in the first half of 1979. Practice was in the upstairs front bedroom facing Palmer Street, across the road from a squat that was the living space and practice rooms for a band known as Tactics.

They started by playing supports at a pub known as the Royal Oak in the Sydney suburb of Chippendale, then played regular gigs on their own at the New Zealand Hotel in William Street, almost opposite the Sydney Museum.

The single (the only recording by the band) was recorded at Now Studios in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst in August 1979. 500 were pressed.

After making the record, The Tenants played gigs at venues such as Rags (at the site of the old Chequers night club) and the Stagedoor Tavern, playing with acts like Tactics and The Thought Criminals.

Don’t Blame Me [Download]

$porting Life [Download]


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with this. A great double-header. Thanks!


Unknown said...

Tim Flemming and I still facebook chat from time to time, he's still in Sydney. I'm in England. A happy time in my life and fond memories of all the gigs the played. Steve Ralphs guitar the Tenants 78-79

Anonymous said...

Steve Ralphs just sent me the link to this blog...I believe I may have written that 'biography' (with exception of he Tilly's reference). I concur with Steve that it was the best of times and I'm a little surprised to have come out the other end intact. We disbanded after Steve returned to the UKand I went on to form a band called Pet Rocks with Mark and Dave (on guitar and bass respectively) as well as drummer Joe Breen and guitar/keyboardist Andy Niven. After that we all worked together in various bands such as Neo Casuals and Rusty Romeos...Steve can fill you in on his UK escapades.

Tim Fleming (one 'm' Steve), vocals, the Tenants