Sunday, 5 February 2012

Meccalissa - Kill The Warden 7" Angelwood HALO-000 NC2, 1979

How could you go wrong with a song called Kill The Warden? That's what we thought when we first picked this up in a Newcastle op shop in the 1990s. It's a tasty grillfat tale of prison murder, with blood and guts and oh, a hooky chorus!

Meccalissa existed from 1974 until around the time of this release in 1979, when they became DV8. In fact, some copies of this have DV8 stamped on the labels (see below). From what we've heard of the DV8 records, you don't need to hear them (Dead Baby from the Stab In The Dark live LP is OK, but not as good as this).

Band photos here.

Kill The Warden


Anonymous said...

I like it!

The Alice Cooper clip with the mannequins reminded me(unfortunately) of Jimmy and the Boys doing 'Baby's On Fire' ... but we don't need to go there


Anonymous said...

I had been trying to work out who had done this song. because i had it in my head yesterday. Kill the warden just to relieve the boredom. I must have heard DV8 play it at the Mawson at Caves Beach in the 70s. Did I?