Sunday 4 December 2011

Matchbox - Slightly Troppo LP Festival L 36579, 1978

Fifteen reasons why Never Mind The Scallops by Matchbox/Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band remains an Australian novelty punk unknown:
  1. Kazoo
  2. Ukelele
  3. Harmonica
  4. Tenor sax
  5. Washboard
  6. Jug
  7. Alto sax
  8. Vibes
  9. Mandolin
  10. Hawaiian steel guitar
  11. Joe Camilleri
  12. Baritone sax
  13. "Mood sympathiser"
  14. Natural steel guitar
  15. This

Never Mind The Scallops [Download]

Enlarge to reveal the full horror.


Anonymous said...

Haha! They like slightly better here, from about 3.59


The Professor said...

Ah, thanks Steve, I'd seen the snippet in part 8/9 but missed that one. For apprehensive readers see the band belting out an interrupted version in the film Dimboola by following Steve's link.