Saturday 3 July 2010

Flying Calvittos - Squeal Like A Pig 7" Groove PRS 2728, 1980

One two three four, squeal like a pig!

We open with the punk track from Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks, an obscure Sydney record by an equally obscure band.

Facts are a little thin on the ground for this one. It's two brothers of Italian extraction, possibly even called Calvitto. Production is by later producer to the indie stars of Sydney - Phil Punch. The studio was called Groove, we think on the North shore somewhere, and Groove, owner of the eponymous studio and label, plays drums on here. We hear he was also the lender of the punk influence on this track. The rest of the EP is DIY in nature; we hear the influence of the Residents. Not to say the rest isn't worthy - it's some of the finest DIY from Australia, and we'll feature it somewhere down the way.

Squeal Like A Pig [Download]

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