Monday 11 January 2016

The Screaming Abdabs / City Ram Waddy LP out now

Pressing of 500 copies. Limited edition of 100 on pink vinyl, available only from Wallaby Beat - CLICK HERE to order.

The Screaming Abdabs shone brightly but briefly in the early Sydney punk scene, absorbing references from The Glitter Band, John Waters films, late night TV, Australian ‘60s punk and of course the Sex Pistols to create something loud, charismatic and uniquely Australian. Side 1 presents the Abdabs' sole recording, recently unearthed, never before released, and essentially unheard since 1978. Side 2 compiles two raw/rare/remarkable 1979 solo records by Abdabs drummer Richard "City Ram" Waddy. The City Ram Waddy 7" sets a benchmark for primitivism in Australian DIY, while the City Ram And Ja Mystics 12" achieves propulsive Suicide/PiL-like repetition, all the while infused with Waddy's idiosyncratic worldview. Astonishing.

Includes a Spurt! fanzine insert that folds out to a massive newsprint poster with detailed interviews, photos and press clippings.

Available in Australia from Wallaby Beat and record shops around the country (Repressed, Egg, Revolve, Beatdisc, Rocking Horse, Phase 4, Vicious Sloth, Lulu, AG Picks, Round and Round, Clarity etc.).

Mailorder/wholesale in the US through Revolver, Get Hip!Forced Exposure, and Goner.

Limited quantities available from NAT Records in Japan.

SOLD OUT through Florida's Dying and Ugly Pop - sorry!


The Screaming Abdabs
1. So Pretty
2. I'm A Rocker
3. We Don't Wanna
4. It's You
5. Money Not Love
6. Burnin' Up Over Me
7. Surfin' Bird
8. Norbie, Sorta Love Story

City Ram Waddy
1. Walking The Dog / Poem
2. Memphis Tenn. / Poem
3. Double Adaptor
4. Cortez The Killer
5. Get Off My Cloud
6. Under My Thumb


Anonymous said...

never heard of them --they weren't around the sydney scene -- wish i had heard of 'em but never did.

Anonymous said...

Just got it. Haven't played it yet, but congrats on the super cool Wallaby Beat logo!