Tuesday, 24 December 2013

3 Musketeers - The Drop 7" Ginsling, 1984

Hello all, here's this season's reindeer turd.

Context - U-Bombs and Nervous System related new wave who decided to get ugly for one song off their two 7"s.

Silent Night [Download]


Holly said...

Thank you for this brief wonder ;-) How's the rest of the 7'' (and their other 7'')?

Unknown said...

Cheers. Your work here, in documenting & promoting Oz post punk is at least as fearsome as Mitchell Johnson this summer vs the Poms. I am continually amazed at the date of so many seminal Oz singles and notice they coincide with many such moments in Blighty. Some that predate. Others that innovate.

Thankyou & rock on.

Wallaby Beat said...

Thanks Tim and Holly.

In answer to your question Holly, as always we bring you the cream of the crap - this is the only listenable track from both 3 Musketeers 7"s.

Des said...

The old bloke on the cover, does anyone have any info on him? I think he might have hung around Redfern park in the early 80s. If it is him, he spoke a number of languages and a few of the the local shops would accept leaves from him as currency. I remember him walking around wearing a dress and smoking a cigar.

Unknown said...

Yes I knew this guy.
I took the photo.

Cream Crapper