Monday 1 July 2013

Third Annual Report

To address our new most frequently asked questions: Yes, the Ulsers records are still coming out; yes, they'll be available soon; and yes, they sound amazing. Like a turd filmed in high-def, Mikey Young's tasteful (re)mastering has elevated Remember Them's every shouted profanity and atonal blurt without in any way fucking with the sound of the original, while fans of UK DIY, Black Eye nonsense, Flipper/No Trend fuckyouness, and barking dogs will be left joyfully brutalised by Forget Them's 10 previously unreleased tracks. Watch this space.

So, to our annual top 10 most viewed posts, and this year brings something of an aesthetic watershed: a grillfat record in the number one spot! The Ulsers in a close second place restores the natural order.
  1. Strutter
  2. Ulsers
  3. News - I'm So Confused
  4. Last Words
  5. Voigt/465
  6. Ginger
  7. U-Bombs
  8. Microfilm
  9. Numbers
  10. News - Dirty Secrets
Fans of those records may wish to consider the following less well-patronised posts of the past 12 months. In particular, we direct anyone that dug Strutter's bong-fuelled Kiss worship to our favourite Westie idiots, The Ash Band, while Ginger fans should proceed to Maureen Elkner's great first single, post-haste.
  1. Maureen Elkner
  2. The Ash Band
  3. Rick Huxley
  4. Merv Megastar
  5. Systematics
  6. Systems Go!
  7. Bent Elbows
  8. Eleven Eleven
Contrary to the quality level of certain recent posts, the well is far from dry. We'll be back in business from Sunday August 11 with a stack of killer unknowns in our greasy mitts, and a new semi-monthly posting schedule to help us preserve our remaining sanity. As always, a big thank you to the regulars. See youse all next month.

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