Sunday 27 May 2012

Grooveyard - Avalanche Of Love 7" G.R.E.E.N. BTS-1246, 1983

Like the Assassins here's a good record that's easy to find. Also like the Assassins, it's somewhat ignored for that reason. We'll provide the public service and bring it to your attention. You could argue that big '80s production is starting to kick in and that points should be deducted. Points taken, but not deducted - the drums aren't shitty and the sound is big without sounding antiseptic. You could also argue the singer sounds like John Kennedy - you'd be right, we're a mark for that gravelly power pop style I guess. You could argue the rockabilly breakdown at the end of side 2 is unadulterated shite... OK you've got us there.

I don't know if you'd describe Grooveyard as a supergroup, but the members all had lots of involvement in the '80s Sydney scene. Sean Maguire on drums and "panicking" (might explain the rollicking rhythm of I Told You So) had done time in Coupe De Ville and Minuteman. Robert Hood we know well from his time in Razar and the Buddies. Guitarist Ian Little would end up in the Bam Balams. Other guitarist Jonn Schofield went to the Chinless Elite before joining Paul Kelly's bands.

The band also contributed to the Drown Or Swim cassette put out by 48 Crash fanzine and then there was a 12" in 1989, but our collections have chronological cutoffs as well as the obvious aesthetic cutoffs, so you'll have to chase that down yourself.

Avalanche Of Love [Download]

I Told You So [Download]

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