Saturday 1 January 2011

Danny Decay & The Molars - If The Dentistry Is Right 7" Republic 13267, 1982

Summer has finally arrived down here. So here's a good summer record - breezy, unaffected, fun. Like this year's summer though it's a bit all over the place - poppy, punky, even a bit Oz rocky in the full-frontal basslines. You will certainly wish that the guitarist put a bit more grunt into his sound, but all four tunes are good, the energy level is high, the voice distinctive and the lyrics odd. The punkiest track is Johnny Was A Rock Star which also features a touching tribute to Ian Krahe:

Ian was the X guitarist,
He never got to be 21
I read about it in the papers
Them bastards dragged him down
Never saw him, never heard him
I never really cared
But two bottles and a couple of belts of scag
Didn't seem to me very fair

We'll mark this one as a Sydney record, though we're not 100% certain. It was recorded at Paradise Studios which at the time, December 1981, was in Kings Cross. Then there's the mention of surfing at Cronulla in Go For Broke. Then there's the "thanks to the boys at Stead Bros", a metal and rubber stamp factory at Rockdale. Hmmm, the stamped labels are quite fancy, maybe the guys worked there. Ok, ok, it's a Sydney record. Someone once told us 200 pressed, though that's still hearsay at this stage.

The band appears to have resurfaced in the last decade. A CDEP called Scales And Scrapes was released.

Go For Broke


Johnny Was A Rockstar

Tripping In Taree


iImagination said...

Will Zubenko, who wrote and co-wrote all the tracks Did work at Stead Bros, a rubber stamp factory in Balmain at the time. I know because I was an apprentice there at the same time, and I also have a cut of this record. I didn't think I would see anything on the net about them though, I've just been going through converting my records to mp3 and found your little write up. Well done!

Dr Steve said...

Great stuff, thanks for the post.