Sunday 17 February 2013

Progression Cult - New Blood EP Method MR6, 1982

Two weeks ago we bemoaned the fact that so few of Sydney's class of '82 made it to vinyl of their own accord. One who did was Progression Cult who put out this one record on Method. Perhaps we didn't miss out on too much because it's hardly the best example of the UK '82 sound that came out worldwide.  Nevertheless it has its moments in its mix of Crisis and Discharge (who the band covered live). But don't listen to us - the band impressed tastemakers elsewhere.

The lineup that recorded the 7" initially existed from late '81 through mid-1983. Drummer Doug Lees then left to join fictionromance and later The Snorkels with the record's producer, Fabian Byrne. Andrew Warren (later of the Hellmenn) became the new drummer and they recruited Jane on second guitar. The five piece line up lasted until November when Jane, Warren and singer Anthony Lange left to form Bedspreads. Bassist Nick Manole and guitarist Russell Jenkins swapped instruments and joined Heresy.

Your Religion [Download]

Death Of Innocence [Download]

Punk Ain't Fashion [Download]

Subordinate [Download]

Slaughterhouse [Download]

"Get a rat up ya fat baldy." From A Hard Days Rut #6, 1982.


Holly said...

Thank you!

Clint Chapman said...

Finally a fucking punk record. I'm very happy to hear this one on mp3. Saves me digging out the vinyl or the four demo tapes to play.

Clint Chapman said...

There is a live tape floating around of the Heresy gig.

distortion said...

do you have copies of the fanzine hard days rut?????????????

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Sweet sounds!