Sunday 2 December 2012

Strutter - Mary Janes Rainbow World 7" EMI Custom PRS-2485, 1976

Once again, we raid our secret stash and invite you to mull over this offering from the wastoids of Newcastle's Kiss Army. By their own admission, Strutter barely set foot out of bed in the morning before hitting the bong, so its a minor miracle that their creative energies were channeled more productively than the foot soldiers down the New England Highway, and with more sincerity than the Section 8 even further south. Unfortunately, motivation ran dry before the important matter of punctuation was dealt with. Perhaps they should have asked to borrow an apostrophe from the So+So's.

Mary Janes Rainbow World celebrates the time honoured tradition of getting baked outta one's gourd with Kiss on the turntable. Hats are doffed to Ace Frehley and his "lead guitar from outer space"; synaesthesia ensues. Yup, Mary Jane - Strutter know a couple of things about her. The riffing's tough and the drumming is simple and pounding, so the lads know a thing or two about rock and roll as well. They're even happy to tell us as much on the flip, but can't help doing so by paraphrasing the title of Kiss' Rock and Roll Over LP.

The Newcastle Bands Database has some basic information about band membership fragmented across a few different pages, some of it contradictory, but hey, it's not like our research has been able to clarify things. However, we can say definitively that this record dates from 1976 rather than the earlier timeframe referenced; 500 were pressed, but we've seen just a single copy over a ten year search.

Mary Janes Rainbow World [Download]

Little Lady [Download]


Anonymous said...

This 45 appears to be a January 1977 release, if the Catalogue Number is anything to go by! Possibly recorded in late 1976 though. The KISS "Rock and Roll Over" album first entered the charts on 29th November 1976. Also, there would have been a slight delay between the KISS album and these recordings.

Wallaby Beat said...

Hi - our source for the date and pressing size is original EMI Custom pressing plant documentation.