Sunday 4 March 2012

Adrenalin - Ready For The Show 7" Sanitarium SR AD-1, 1983

First, that sleeve. As always in these situations we go to Spinal Tap for help - "What's wrong with bein' sexy?". The sleeve references the single's B-side, She's Got Tattoos, and it's unclear if the tatt is real. Val, the owner of the legs, gets credited for "enduring what I am sure must have been a very embarrassing experience." Said flipside is really awful though, so today we just bring you the A-side.

Funnily enough Adrenalin is not a metal band, rather they appear to have been a suburban pop/rock band, based near Manly on Sydney's North Shore. Probably dipping their toes into all sorts of styles, they wisely chose to leave for posterity one of their punkier numbers. Bringing to mind the "speedy, almost slapstick punk" of the better Thought Criminals tracks, the song flops about before coalescing from time to time into a simple but effective chorus line. The use of violin is also interesting, giving another differentiation point to the UK82 sound prevalent in Sydney at the time.

As far as we can ascertain this was it for Adrenalin. Drummer Neil Rankin still plays around in Beatles tribute band The Beatels (also the current gig for Marcus Phelan of the Works), but the rest have more or less sunk without trace.

Ready For The Show [Download]


Anonymous said...

Hi - I knew the band. Shared a flat with some of them. I can tell you that the tattoo was not real, and the model (Val) was the girlfriend of lead guitarist John Pangopolous. She was extremely embarrassed and no-one bar the photographer was allowed near the photo shoot!. This was their only release although they did record quite a few demos. Their later sound progressed towards a more surf rock/Midnight Oil sound.

meanie said...

Any chance of a new link please?