Sunday 22 January 2012

Mr Meaner - Ripped Off Again / I Dig the T.V. 7" Peanut Republic PRR 002, 1980

We try to approach our work here with something approximating scientific rigour. It's an approach which clearly also informed The Professor's earlier research at the Australian Punk Discography. Budding practitioners of the scientific method will note that the Discography follows the general format of a peer-reviewed academic publication: Introduction, Methods, a series of Results paired with Conclusions, and a Reference List for good measure. Indeed, it is "in the interests of Science" that The Prof subjected himself to the "metal-tinged pub-rock" of La Femme. Why? Because a credible source once described them as "punk", of course. Hypotheses are there to be tested.

Like the eligibility criteria for a randomised controlled trial, the Discography's Methods section establishes the scope for inquiry. It is from the list of exclusions that scholars of that work are likely to be familiar with Brisbane's Mr Meaner, a band ignored for being "so...unpunk that they don't deserve comment". But wait! What was that about metal-tinged pub-rock? Loose application of the description "punk"? Check! And check! It seems that the peer-reviewers at were on the bong the day The Prof submitted his manuscript, as that methodological inconsistency has remained unchallenged.

So today, in the interests of gender equality, we apply the old adage that what's good for La Femme is good for Mr Meaner (or something like that). The latter's sole single, the second and final release on Peanut Republic, delivers two slices of metallic grillfat in the vein of the Angels - palm-muted twin guitar riffing akimbo, and in I Dig The T.V., liberal use of our old mate the four-on-the-floor. What's missing is the Angels' melodic sense and knack for a hooky chorus. Still, the songs are carried by brisk tempos and energetic performances, and as metal-tinged pub-rock goes, the single has established itself as a keeper. We've presented the songs in the order determined by the single's matrix numbers as the A and B sides, but note that an alternative pressing exists which has stickers reversing the labels. This version has an EMI Custom catalogue number on the labels (in addition to the CBS number) with a corresponding matrix etching.

Mr Meaner were: Chris Greentree (vocals); Chris McWhirter (bass); Jim Poulos (drums); Brian Butler (guitar/vocals); and Dave Nelson (guitar). More from this line-up can be found on the That's Queensland compilation LP, released in 1980 by radio station 4IP (YPRX 1742), which includes the song Russian Roulette. Neil Coombe from Bad Habit joined the band after these recordings, but later line-ups weren't documented with vinyl releases.

June 2012 update: check out an article on Peanut Republic Records here.

Ripped Off Again [Download]

I Dig The T.V. [Download]

Alternative (second?) pressing with EMI Custom catalogue number and stickers on the labels.

What's seen cannot be unseen.


bristolboy said...

Nothing to add except the Peanut Republic guys had good taste (both 45's hit the button to these ears)

Anonymous said...

yes these are both great and rare 45's to source these days
punky pub brisso rock. i was there being a brisso born punkster of the day. unforgettable time in life in brisso. plenty of piss drugs and fights, wow we had a great time. i must add i am pretty knocked around pysically and mentally from that experience, but hey you had to be there to understand the life style pricks

Unknown said...

Saw Mr meaner at QIT gardens point campus club 1980/81. Remember them doing a song "robot wizards'

The Undertoad said...

I've been down a rabbit hole and have been reminiscing about some of the concerts I went to as a teen. Cloudland, July 1980 if memory serves me correctly. Cold Chisel. The support band was called 'Misdemeanor". I remember seeing it spelled that way on the posters. A few years later I started seeing flyers and posters for the band, "Mr. Meaner". I thought at the time, "They must have gotten sick of people misunderstanding them when they said their band name..."
Am I correct in assuming that they are/were one and the same band? And did they change their name because a Dutch (I think) band had the same name?

Unknown said...

One of the most underrated bands in Oz! Had many a party with these 🤪❤️🤣

Anonymous said...

These blokes were awesome, they supported Mi-Sex when I saw them in 1980!